I had some big ideas that I wanted to capitalize on

I have to option up trash by the Golden Gate Bridge on Mondays as well as Thursdays as area of my community service, but i was busted for speeding as well as the officer found out that I was drinking as well.

I had to plead guilty to a DUI offense as well as I was ordered to serve 200 hours of community service.

I also have to pay almost $3,000 in fines as well as court fees. I was working by the bridge in San Francisco on Tuesday. I had a small marijuana roach in my pocket… When I slipped behind the bushes, I let up that tiny little marijuana joint as well as puff on it twice; There wasn’t much left of it, so I put it out in the dirt by the bushes; A few hours later, I heard police sirens in every single direction, however my first thought was to run. I really thought I was going to be busted for smoking marijuana while I was doing San Francisco court ordered community service. The police sirens did not have anything to do with myself and others smoking marijuana, somebody found a body by the bridge. The body had clearly been in the water for a long time, however the police, coroner, as well as medical examiner were all called to the scene to give their opinion on the cause of death. I was sent loft early from community service so the police could ask myself and others questions about my whereabouts. Since I already had a DUI on my rap sheet, I was a suspect. They questioned myself and others for 3 hours at a San Francisco police station. They finally let myself and others go when someone admited to the crime.

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