I got promoted

My boss promoted myself and others a couple of weeks ago! I got the job managing the cannabis shop downtown in Ann Arbor, MI.

  • I had to transport for the job! That’s why it took a couple of weeks for myself and others to arrive.

The job came with a hefty salary, benefits, holiday days, plus a retirement package, my parents live in Ann Arbor, MI, so I moved in with them for a short time. I will eventually find a venue of our own to rent. I easily didn’t believe what shape the Ann Arbor, MI cannabis dispensary would be in when I arrived. I found out that multiple employees were fired when the last manager was let go. There must have been a reason why almost everyone left at the same time. I had to find a couple of applicants to labor at the marijuana dispensary plus I had to find them quick. The store was open for contractor plus the assistant manager was barely keeping up, then she had also been promoted plus was previously a floor clerk. She actually didn’t believe the first thing about being the assistant manager; Both of us were way over our heads, even though I promised her that all of us would figure out a way to make everything labor if she trusted myself and others plus worked hard. The first thing I did was look for some applicants to put on the schedule. I needed to find applicants that had some experience in the marijuana industry. With everything happening at once, I easily didn’t have time to train someone on the weird types of marijuana. I needed a few applicants that could hit the ground running.


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