I got a first time customer discount

My lady’s family goes to Denver every year during the Wintertide holidays to go skiing… I’ve never even skied once in our life, when our lady proposed that I go to Denver to go skiing with the family, I told her that I could meet her Dad and dad another time, then she was not going to take no for it and answer! My lady’s parents paid for both of us to fly from Seattle to Denver.

  • My lady and I took a shuttle from the airport to the ski cabin.

It was a 2-minute drive. I told our lady that I did not want to go up to the ski home before we stopped at a marijuana dispensary in Denver… One of the reasons why I did not want to meet her Dad and dad was because of our drastic anxiety. I’ve never been skiing and I knew that was going to make our anxiety even worse. I also hate flying on an aircraft. My lady promised that we would stop at a marijuana dispensary in Denver before we headed up the mountain. My lady asked the driver to take us to the closest marijuana dispensary, and the lady who was driving the automobile told us that she knew of a enjoyable place where they provided a first time patient discount. She dropped us off at the front door and said she would wait until we were finished in the Denver marijuana dispensary location. When we came back out, the driver was sitting there waiting to take us the rest of the way to our endpoint.


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