I found someone to pick up an extra day

Saturday is the only day that I have off throughout the week.

  • I’ve been working 6 days for a while.

I like the money and free time at home just gives me time to get into trouble with my friends. The Albuquerque, New Mexico marijuana dispensary where I work is busy all of the time. That marijuana dispensary is close to the airport. We constantly have foot traffic in and out of the building. I don’t believe that the Albuquerque marijuana shop pays for any advertising at all. There are a couple of taxis with the name of the marijuana dispensary on the top, but other than that, the Albuquerque marijuana shop does not pay for advertising. The place is still busy all of the time. The Albuquerque marijuana dispensary has the best sales and specials throughout the entire city. I need it off Tuesday so I could pick up my mom from a doctor’s appointment. She was having routine surgery and she needed someone to drive her home. I offered to take her and pick her up. I had to find someone at the marijuana dispensary to pick up an extra day. I left a note on the office door for the manager. I found someone to pick up the extra day and it did not take long at all. One of the new guys was happy to get a little bit of overtime. He was scheduled for 5 days during the week, but Tuesday was a day off. He picked up my 7-hour shift so I could take care of my mom.


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