I explored all the cannabis products

My wife & I took the kids to Santa Barbara, California for a couple of days; We stayed in a Beach rental on Channel Drive, the rental was seriously nice & entirely close to the beach.

While we were in Santa Barbara, we took the kids to Butterfly Beach, and butterfly Beach is known for the flowers that attract butterflies & bumblebees.

We also took the kids to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The Santa Barbara Zoo is a small tourist attraction, however it features a miniature train ride, but i had to buy separate tickets for the train, & I was resting in line for many hours. While I was in line, more than one gentlemen behind me started smoking a marijuana vape pen. They were not trying to hide the vape pen & they were blowing the marijuana smoke in our face. I politely asked the guy to stop smoking marijuana & I reminded them that they were in a family park, one of the gentlemen offered me the middle finger & the other one laughed. They continued smoking marijuana from the vape pen until they were much closer to the front of the line. When I picked up the tickets for the train, I told the guy behind the booth that the gentlemen behind me we are using marijuana. The park attendant didn’t look surprised by the information, however he did call someone from the security team. They grabbed the kids as they were leaving the ticket center. I don’t suppose if they were asked to leave, but I hope they were at least scolded.


Cannabis Santa Barbara California