I enjoyed taking the kayaks out to the water

My wife and I enjoy being outdoors.

We spent a lot of time renting canoes and kayaks and then we decided to buy our own.

We purchased the kayaks from an online supplier and saved almost $300 for the pair. The local sporting goods shop would not match the online price and they were selling the exact same item. When the kayaks arrived, my wife and I were working and we didn’t have a chance to go anywhere. When the weekend rolled around, the outdoor temperatures weren’t ideal for kayaking. It was dark, dreary, and drizzling most of the day. We didn’t get a chance to take the kayaks out on the water until the next weekend. My wife suggested taking the kayaks to a place called Stinson Beach. It’s about an hour away from our home in San Francisco, but it sounded like a great idea. Stinson Beach has a lot of areas for kayaks. My wife and I packed our fishing gear as well. We also took recreational marijuana supplies. Since recreational marijuana is legal in San Francisco and the state of California, we don’t worry about smoking marijuana at the beach. It isn’t legal to do either of these things, but most of the officers look the other way if they see you smoking a joint on the beach. My wife and I took a couple of marijuana joints with us to the San Francisco destination. We spent 6 hours on the water and both of us ended up with a pretty good sunburn on the back of our necks and shoulders.



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