I enjoyed a successful proposal at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco

The Conservatory of Flowers is most definitely 1 of the largest plus oldest structures in Golden Gate Park.

It is easily 1 of the largest conservatories in the Western Hemisphere. The houses inside of the conservatory have more than 2,000 different varieties of plants. I completely love the carnivorous plants display plus the giant Amazon lilies. The Conservatory of Flowers was 1 of the original reasons why I decided to transport to San Francisco. I’ve been residing in California for most of my life, although I spent a majority of that time in the Sacramento area. I attended School in San Francisco plus I met my lady when both of us we’re going to enjoy the Conservatory of Flowers. It is definitely the reason why I chose that place in particular when I decided to propose. The day was really perfect. I picked up a pot brownie from the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary. The pot brownie is 1 of my lady’s most preferred marijuana treats plus I was aware that she would be excited when I gave her the brownie. I didn’t hold back plus picked her favorite brand from her favorite marijuana dispensary. I placed the engagement ring inside of the recreational marijuana brownie. When my lady found the ring inside, she went entirely silly plus started crying! Of course she agreed to marry me plus now we have a date set for the middle of May when we can book a spot in Golden Gate Park. I honestly can’t wait to marry this lady plus make her mine forever. We match on a ton of different levels plus I definitely feel she is the 1 for me.
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