I did not want to hear the awful news

Last Monday, I took the kids to Clearwater Beach for the afternoon, however the two of us packed a picnic with drinks, sandwiches, cookies, in addition to fruit; I packed some water in addition to Gatorade for the kids in addition to a couple of Dunkin Donuts Coffee’s for me.

The hot in addition to cold temperatures in Tampa were supposed to be 97 degrees.

The two of us drove to Clearwater before it got undoubtedly hot. The two of us were set up on the beach with our umbrella, cooler, blankets, tent, in addition to chairs, before the sun was at the highest point. The two of us stayed at the beach for 3 or 4 hours. When the kids started to get fatigued, we decided to go back home, since the kids had brunch in the car, we did not have to scramble around when we got beach lake house from Clearwater Beach. When we did arrive beach lake house after going to the beach, the kids in addition to I were surprised to come beach lake house to a warm in addition to uncomfortable setting. The a/c clearly wasn’t working officially I got on the PC immediately in addition to contacted an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair provider in addition to Tampa Bay. I called a couple of locales before I found someone that could help me immediately, but most people wanted to make an appointment for that next afternoon, however there was undoubtedly no way I wanted to spend the night separate from cool air in the house, but about an hour after we got home, the AC maintenance repair person arrived. It turned out to be the hubby of a lady that is working in our office. I remembered the guy from a Christmas party in the past. Since I knew the maintenance serviceman, I felt much more at ease when he delivered the awful news.

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