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I asked our friends if the driver arrived & they said no

I felt entirely excruciating on Wednesday, i thought I was getting the flu, but I guess it was just dust sensitivities. I felt prefer our head was going to explode, and my roommates were making a ton of noise in the dining room & they woke myself and others up in the middle of the day. I got entirely frustrated & lost our temper, and since I was already awake, I decided to order a couple of items from the Portland marijuana delivery service. I did not want to leave that house to get the marijuana items, so I called the Portland marijuana delivery service, they have great prices on concentrates & dried marijuana flower, & they never forget to bring any of the items that are requested . There are a lot of odd marijuana dispensaries in the town of Portland. They are not all the same. Some of the dispensaries have much better services than the others. This certain dispensary is a single of our favorites, because they have super fast service. I called the dispensary to venue an order & I expected that driver to arrive a half minute later; When an minute had passed, I woke up from a nap, surprised that the marijuana delivery driver from Portland had not arrived. I went back to bed & woke up a half minute later. I asked our friends if the driver arrived & they said no. I called the Portland marijuana delivery maintenance to complain & our friends started laughing. They had the delivery on the counter & hid it from myself and others so they could play a practical joke. I truthfully did not guess that joke was easily funny.
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