I decided to spend our Wintertide in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is 1 of the prettiest cities in the whole Southwest, then i had the opening to visit Phoenix last winter.

I have been living in an RV for the past 3 years. I’ve been spending my Winters in a frosty weather conditions, however last year I decided to pick up as well as move to Phoenix instead. I spent all of December as well as February in the hot desert temperatures, then there wasn’t a single afternoon when the temperature reached the freezing mark. I used the space oil furnace a few days in the RV, however I didn’t have to turn on the gas furnace at all. I entirely saved several or $300 just on propane that winter. I visited a lot of the places in the southwest that I had never seen before. I enjoyed being able to go out as well as have fun without worrying about getting frosty or running into snow or ice, after spending my Wintertide in Phoenix last year, I am convinced that the southwestern neighborhood will be my modern Wintertide home. I have some other friends that go to warmer weather conditionss during the Wintertide weeks, one of my friends goes all the way to Florida. There’s no way I want to travel 3000 miles to go there. I can travel 6 hours as well as spend my Wintertide in Phoenix as well as I suppose that is just as nice, when the Wintertide season is over, I do not have to drive 3000 miles back to the West Coast. It just makes sense to spend the Wintertide in a neighborhood that is much closer as well as still hot during the weeks of December as well as February.



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