I decided to spend our winter in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the prettiest cities in the whole Southwest.

  • I had the chance to visit Phoenix last winter.

I have been living in an RV for the past 3 years. I’ve been spending my Winters in a cold climate, but last year I decided to pick up and move to Phoenix instead. I spent all of January and February in the warm desert temperatures. There wasn’t a single day when the temperature reached the freezing mark. I used the space heater a few nights in the RV, but I didn’t have to turn on the furnace at all. I probably saved two or $300 just on propane that winter. I visited a lot of the places in the southwest that I had never seen before. I enjoyed being able to go out and have fun without worrying about getting cold or running into snow or ice. After spending my winter in Phoenix last year, I’m convinced that the southwestern city will be my new winter home. I have some other friends that go to warmer climates during the winter months. One of my friends goes all the way to florida. There’s no way I want to travel 3000 miles to go there. I can travel 6 hours and spend my winter in Phoenix and I think that is just as nice. When the winter season is over, I don’t have to drive 3000 miles back to the West Coast. It just makes sense to spend the winter in a city that is much closer and still warm during the months of January and February.
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