I decided to open a up-to-date cannabis store along the border to Saline

While our teenagers now live in Ann Arbor and attend Ann Arbor schools, our parents raised myself and others in a number of strange suburbs back in the 1990s.

First we were up in Lyndon Township to the northwest of the city of Chelsea, now a familiar city with its swollen population.

Then we moved eastward to Dexter for a few years before ending up in Hell in Livingston County. Our final residence before I left for college in Lansing was the city of Saline. If you live in Ann Arbor and want to find Saline, find Ann Arbor-Saline Rd and just head south until you arrive in the aforementioned city. The city is directly named after the salty “Saline” River that cuts through the city and was once used by local Native American tribes as a salt mine for meat preservation. While Saline has slowly expanded over the years, its neighborhoods have inched closer to the southern borders of Ann Arbor. Since housing prices are out of control in the Ann Arbor city limits, suburbs prefer Saline and Dexter are good sites to raise a family if you don’t mind the small city environment and the drive into the city of Ann Arbor from wherever you reside. I recently opened a cannabis store that is within the neighborhoods bordering Ann Arbor. There aren’t any existing weed stores for multiple miles, so I’m hoping that I don’t face too much competition in this particular location. Trying to start a cannabis store in the Ann Arbor city limits is taxing because there are already so numerous of them here. The competition is fierce for Michigan marijuana, both medical and recreational.

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