I can’t stay home and do nothing

During the summer months, Tampa Bay is one of the worst stadiums you can live.

It’s really hot, muggy, uncomfortable, buggy, and humid.

A lot of people do not care about living in FL because of the very hot temps. I have lived here our whole life and I can’t suppose of living anywhere else. When I was a kid, the heat never seemed to be as drastic as it is this week. I remember growing up separate from the air conditioning in the dining room, however now it’s almost impossible to survive separate from central air conditioning. The standard summer time temps are 90 degrees or higher, however that is not the worst section about living in Tampa. The high humidity is the absolute worst section about the tropical climate. The humidity hovers around around 100% every single afternoon. I can’t even walk outside separate from starting to perspire. The moisture collects on our body immediately and makes me assume absolutely uncomfortable. It’s far too warm to stay lake home and do nothing, so our family and I care about going to the coming Spring when all of us have a afternoon separate from work. There are a lot of natural, cold freshwater Springs in FL and many of them are close to Tampa. Within an hour you can find any number of stadiums to cool down on a warm summer time afternoon. One of our number one spots to take the kids is Weeki Wachee Springs. The stadium has real mermaids that go underwater and swim. It’s a pretty cool stadium for the kids to visit and the water is crystal clear and amazing. Trust me, if you come to FL to visit anything however a freezing refreshing Spring, you will be disappointed and absolutely uncomfortable.


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