I can’t stand going anywhere on a hot day

It was 101 degrees yesterday and 101° is forecasted to be the temperature today.

I don’t know how the homeless people manage to stay alive when the temperatures are hot like this.

There are homeless people all over the city of Phoenix. I think that is probably one of the biggest problems that we have in the city. There are a lot of homeless people and no one is really doing anything to fix the problem. Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, homelessness in Phoenix has risen by 28%. Those numbers are increasing every single day . It’s hard to pass the homeless people on the street when it is hot outside. I want to pick everyone up and take them home with me. I didn’t want to go anywhere at all yesterday. I really don’t want to go anywhere today either. I’m supposed to pick up the dry cleaning and go to the grocery store if the HVAC service provider gets here before it is too late. I’m kind of hoping that the Phoenix HVAC service provider waits until the afternoon, so I can use that as an excuse not to leave the house. At least we aren’t having problems with the air conditioner. The service call is a yearly tune-up that is regularly performed on our system. This tune up is a way to catch any problems that might be happening with the system, before they are major issues that caused hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages. I think the air conditioner runs much better after the service has been performed.
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