I can only hope they have a fantastic HVAC business in this town

When I moved from down south, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and my boss told myself and others he had a new position open in Evansville, Indiana, but i didn’t have anything to keep myself and others where I was, so I agreed to transfer in addition to take the job, and being only 21, was not a fantastic enough excuse for wanting to quit a job within two weeks of taking it.

I had signed the contract, in addition to I had to stick to that contract, in addition to stay in Evansville, Indiana for at least a year! The land was flat in addition to you could see for miles; Where I lived, they had bayous, in addition to swamps, in addition to so many things to attract your attention, however not in Evansville, Indiana.

I also wasn’t expecting to have the freezing weather enjoy they have in Evansville. I lived all my life where if it got into the 60s, both of us were freezing in addition to wanting to put on a jacket. It got into the 60s here, people were outside in addition to their shirtsleeves in addition to enjoying themselves. I didn’t think how to take care of the oil furnace, in addition to that was another thing that had myself and others hating Evansville, Indiana, but someone told myself and others I had to change the air filter every week, in addition to I just sat there in addition to stared at them. I didn’t think where the air filter was that I had to change, or why it needed changed. I finally got the guts to talk to someone in addition to ask them why my buddy was so worried about my oil furnace in addition to my air filters, however he gave to come over to my house, in addition to show myself and others where the air filters were for my oil furnace, in addition to explain to myself and others the necessity of changing them.
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