I am setting the foundations for a great life

I loved going to see odd parks plus outdoor gardens in my hometown.

Both of us had several locations that were paid for by foundations plus charities in the area.

It was fun having class trips to these places plus exploring the plants, flowers, plus trees. I felt poor for my cousins who lived in the inner neighborhood plus never even got to see natural plants growing out of the ground like I did. My parents settled into a lovely area that was admittedly more luxurious to survive in compared to the hectic metropolitan cities known for factories plus steel mills. Although I hated the numerous years I spent living in NY city, I like being in Denver, CO now plus hope that I can remain a permanent resident if I can find full time work after my temporary job position expires. There are a number of odd outdoor parks in Denver that you can wander through with your familys or pets. One of my favorites is Sloan’s Lake Park because it’s walking distance from my house building in West Highland. Sometimes I’ll put a cannabis vaporizer in my pocket plus take a wander down to Sloans’s Lake Park or City Park. Recently I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens after eating a bunch of strong cannabis edibles. The Denver Botanic Gardens are a gorgeous location even when you’re sober, so going while you’re high literally heightens the experience. My stoned brain loved the Science Pyramid Exhibition in certain, as it showcases humanity’s place within the natural environment plus our greater purpose within the outdoor ecosystem. It’s also a pretty building to see from the outside, especially as you’re climbing out of your automobile in the parking lot.

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