Honeymoon in California

COVID has ruined a lot of things.

When my fiance and I were looking to get married, traveling overseas just wasn’t possible.

We wanted to elope to somewhere excotic and have a gorgeous honeymoon. Instead we were stuck staying within the United States. I looked heavily at Alaska and decided I didn’t want to be cold when I got married. I then landed in California. The weather is great, the scenery is beautiful and there is plenty to do. I began our itinerary with us getting married in Carmel. I booked a cute little honeymoon cottage and a photographer to take pictures of us along the coast. We then began our honeymoon in Big Sur. I rented us a house that was off the grid and had a view of the ocean. It was great being so secluded for days. Our honeymoon then ended in San Francisco. I figured ending with the big city would be the most fun. We could eat at swanky restaurants, stay in a big suite and shop for clothing and legal weed. It wasn’t that great honestly. My husband and I enjoyed hiking in Carmel and spending time together in Big Sur. We aren’t really big shoppers. I also realized that I didn’t want to get high on my honeymoon. I was happy drinking champagne and feeling a bit tipsy. Smoking a pre-roll or a vape just didn’t appeal to me. I am glad I walked into a legal dispensary, but I wasn’t keen on smoking during my honeymoon.

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