Need Less To Say

” You come into the world with nothing, and the purpose of your life is to make something out of nothing. “

-Henry Louis Mencken


This is exactly what I am doing, taking my time and not wasting it by regretting why the heck I spent years enduring and fragmenting projects. We all have our “big dreams” and each of us views an incomparable art of our big dreams. I have my share of regrets but I think I get what I want out of it, which constantly moves me forward. I intend to experience the changing waves of life with no possibility of doubt, because it only has 2 sides. ” Optimism and Pessimism.”

“Remembering Our Past does not mean we don’t want to let go of them, it only serves as a reminder not to repeat it.”

Looking back and learning from the days perhaps the years I was not productive, it takes guts to accept it without forgetting it. But hey! I look back and see there are goodies from my past that I can use for my advantage. Those times I was stagnant, still there were things that inspired me today. We all started walking in this world naked and that is the naked truth lol. Each of us started empty and as we grow more mature we fill the empty spaces that becomes our being, only apportioned by our individual aspects of life. I am living my dream by being a living book. And I’m still filling out the pages 🙂 .