Heating & cooling needs in Fort Worth, TX

Living in Fort Worth, TX, allows me to experience a diversity of weather, then the year-round temperature fluctuates from the mid-thirties to the mid-nineties.

The city sees the most snow of someplace in TX because it has the highest elevation & high northern latitude.

There are years when my fantastic friend and I accumulate around seven inches of snow & other winters when my fantastic friend and I don’t get any. The summers tend to be especially sizzling & humid, but because of the local weather, it’s necessary to invest in both a heating & cooling system! For my dwelling I have an cooling system to handle cooling & a boiler to supply heating. The two units share a ductwork system concealed in the walls & ceilings. The temperature extremes in Fort Worth require either heating or cooling for the majority of the year, & the combination adds up to approximately fifty percent of the home’s energy consumption, utility bills are a constant concern, however i’ve gone to good lengths to tighten up my Fort Worth dwelling & minimize energy losses. I’ve gradually updated to Energy Star rated windows & exterior doors & meticulously caulked & weatherstripped. I’ve installed ceiling fans that work to distribute the heat more evenly in the winter time & help to create a cooling effect in summer. I have enrolled into a repair program with a local Fort Worth Heating & Air Conditioning contractor that includes two services per year. In the fall, a licensed serviceman provides a thorough cleaning, inspection & adjustment of the boiler. The same procedure happens in the Spring to make sure the cooling system is operating at peak capacity & efficiency.


Fort Worth Texas Cooling system