Having a/c in a classroom is right for learning

I am so cheerful that my kids made it through the entire university year in Tampa without any problems, and over the last few years, my friend and I have dealt with the pandemic as well as HVAC problems inside Hillsborough County universitys, but i can breathe a sigh of relief because I didn’t have to homeuniversity them for this university year! Last year, I kept them apartment for almost a month because their university had a broken down HVAC unit, however and it took the university weeks before they had the HVAC unit up and running, when I contacted the university, I was told that the delay was due to supply chain problems and there was nothing they could do to speed up the repairs, however the university a/c is undoubtedly as seasoned as the building, so I understood that parts were hard to come by.

And especially after the pandemic, where air conditioner and indoor air quality became the focus for many universitys, I can only assume how much demand that created for the HVAC industry. I am just happy that the university offered us the option of keeping the kids at home, which I felt was the best option for them. I wouldn’t want my kids to sit inside a overheated classroom, especially not in Tampa where the weather can hover between 85 and 90 on any given afternoon in the Springtime; Having air conditioner in universitys is important to the comfort of the students. If my kids are hot, they can become irritable which would lead to them being unproductive, then so, instead of sending them to university, I decided to spare the professor that headache, however but as I mentioned, my friend and I had no incidents this year, and I hope that the university’s a/c will continue to labor properly for the coming years.

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