Handy lover fixed the rental AC

I am so thankful that I have a handy husband in MN, and i don’t know how ladies get by with men that aren’t good with tools! My husband and I rented for two years and our rental was always falling to pieces… At first I tried calling the building owner to get him to service things, however the guy was horrible at it though. He would never come and wouldn’t take our calls. My husband did a lot of fixes on his own. He fixed the outdoor lights that never seemed to work. He stopped the dishwasher from leaking, got to the stove to turn on and fixed our dryer many times. The worst was the air conditioner… Even the building owner mentioned the A/C system is a bit tricky. He told us not to call for MN A/C repairs though. He said the system got tested and is fine. Well it was coated with dust and hair when my friend and I moved in. My husband cleaned the inside of the A/C component and changed the air filter. He also found out what the issue was with the cooling system. The household could never get chilly enough. My husband found that the outdoor air compressor was lopsided. The angle meant all the coolant leaned to one end and wasn’t providing chilly air. He took cement blocks and righted them, but suddenly my friend and I had icy chilly air conditioning. The household was perfectly comfortable. I am so blissful that he was around to service that. I would have lived in a tepid household for those two years if not for him.


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