Great options for cannabis products in Denver

I’ve never been into smoking weed.

  • I had asthma as a kid, and never quite shook it.

I don’t use an inhaler or take meds, but I also am careful to avoid triggering it with smoke. I am a food critic for the Denver newspaper, and a few other publications. Journalism is dying, and it’s hard to make a living writing food reviews, but I manage to survive. Every time there is a hot new eatery that opens in the Denver area I make sure to book a reservation and get a firsthand experience of their food. When I heard about the newest cannabis cafe on the outskirts of Denver, I felt conflicted. I don’t use cannabis, but on the other hand this was a smoke-free environment, and the buzz about this place was off the hook. After one meal in the new Denver cannabis cafe, I have become a believer in weed! This meal was truly magical, and although every course was infused with cannabis, I never tasted it. By the time I left I was stoned like never before, and since driving while high is frowned upon in Denver, I called an Uber to get home safely. Since then I have started to explore the edible and other smokeless cannabis options available in Denver. There are literally dozens of ways to enjoy cannabis in Denver without smoking it. So far I have tried the cannabis gummies, edibles, topicals, creams, oils, and vape products. I like some of them more than others, but so far nothing compares to the experience I had at the Denver cannabis cafe.

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