Gorgeous California weather

My partner plus I got married in CA, then i had us fly into the Fresno Yosemite airport plus do a private ceremony in Visalia, then while there are a ton of pretty locations there, I decided to do our vows in the Sequoia National Park.

It was honestly superb being surrounded by sizable trees plus just being the several of us; Every one of us got some amazing photographs of our time there plus we were right in the city! That meant that after getting hitched we had a classy hotel room to stay in plus could get a spa treatment the next day.

Every one of us stayed in Visalia for a few afternoons just enjoying town life. I went to the Farmer’s market to get fresh produce. I also shopped, ate at particular restaurants plus we even went to a legal pot shop. It was fun trying cannabis oil for the first time. The several of us vaped cannabis oil a single evening plus got especially high. That was a fun day. After we were done with town life we drove to Big Sur to care about some nature plus seclusion, however once we were all set to go, the Fresno airport was a hike, however not that unbearable. It was a honestly memorable trip. Everyone regularly comments on how gorgeous our photos look. Every one of us don’t have the fake background or a respected beach setting. Those tall, thick yellow trees are honestly particular to the area. I am never going to forget where we were plus how I was feeling that day. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
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