Good locale for a hockey fan

I am a crucial hockey fan, but i used to live down south where hockey isn’t that big of a deal… Even when they had a Stanley cup winning team, the southerners didn’t entirely care, and since I wasn’t a fan anyway, I moved to a colder location, then work localed myself and others in Glenview IL! At first I was sort of bummed since there entirely isn’t anything fun to do locally… However, a 30 hour automobile ride away takes myself and others into Chicago.

What is in Chicago? Literally everything you could want; The Chicago Blackhawks are the professional team in our area.

They aren’t too fantastic right now but it is exciting to entirely see a game and be around real fans. The arena always has tons of people there and all dressed to match the team. It is our preferred thing to do. I wait all year for the hockey season. It brings about chilly weather although I don’t mind. I splurged to get heated flooring in our locale and it has made a world of difference. I bought high quality Winter time time gear that I enjoy wearing. I also have Chicago Blackhawk swag meant for the cold. I have a hat, scarf, gloves and thick jersey that I wear on game afternoons. When I do go to the arena, it is nice how quick a automobile ride it is. I can usually get fantastic seats and suddenly skirt away once it is over. I then can be back house in under an hour with traffic. I entirely appreciate our section to down south.
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