Going without a friend

I was fortunate enough to have the same buddy from elementary university to university! Mary plus I enjoyed each other so much plus did everything together growing up, but our parents were close friends, plus we lived in the same neighborhood, but, after university, he went to New York, plus I moved to Santa Barbara for work; The people I was with and I kept in touch, however the distance proved to be a bit difficult in our relationship… Slowly by slowly, we began to drift apart as we got up-to-date social circles in our workplace, then last year, Mary’s mom passed away, plus we had to go back home for the funeral! While there, we got to spend a few days together, plus it was care about we had never been apart.

The people I was with and I had the sort of friendship where we could pick up from where we left off. Since he had a few weeks off work, I asked Mary to return to Santa Barbara for a while. The people I was with and I had not seen each other in 3 years, plus I wanted to spend more time with her, but however, I had only a few days off labor plus had to fly back. Mary agreed to go with me, plus we made plans to explore the city together. One thing he enjoyed about it was marijuana was legal. Mary wanted to get some weed creams plus perhaps a few edibles while there, however i promised to take his to our favorite pot shop plus other good spots across the city. It was the best time we had spent together in a long while, plus it even made his recognize a little better.

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