Glenview, Illinois has some entirely nice parks

Temperatures this week have been close to 100° every single day, i have been running the air conditioning non-stop.

I know it’s not fantastic to run the air conditioning all day and all night, but the temperatures are too tepid and humid to turn off the machine.

I would rather spend $300 every month to run the air conditioning than to shut it off and be angry, hot, and completely uncomfortable. I have lived in the midwest all of our life. I have been residing in Glenview, Illinois for the past 10 years. I moved to Glenview when I got a promotion with a pharmaceutical corporation. I still work for the pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation 5 nights a week… On the weekends when I am home with the teenagers, we regularly do something fun, during the Summer when the temperatures are tepid and humid, I take the teenagers to one of the many Glenview, Illinois parks. One of the best places to go is Flick Park, then flick Park has an outdoor community pool with slides and lap lanes; There are even diving boards. The water is regularly wash and clear and there are lifeguards on duty several nights a week. The teenagers appreciate to spend the day at the park in the pool and I can kneel at a table under some shade and catch up on any paperwork I did not complete from the week, however at the end of the day, we leave slick park and go to one of the ice cream shops. After that we head back home for a nice lunch.

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