Glenview, IL is a great place

When my partner and I moved to Chicago, both of us abruptly realized it was going to be way too lavish to actually live in the city, all of us were stuck there for a year, because both of us signed a lease before both of us moved. All of us finished the one year lease and found a cheaper house about 30 hours outside of the city. All of us had lots of choices, however both of us stayed north of the city. All of us moved to Glenview, IL and both of us have been living there for the past 10 years! I was driving to the village every afternoon from Glenview and it was costing a ton of currency on gas, repair, and car repairs. I started looking for a job closer to home, however it took some time before I finally found the perfect position, and for the past year, I have been working at a commercial Heating and A/C repair company located in Glenview. I no longer have to drive to the village and that means I save a lot of currency. I do not I am quite as much currency at the Glenview Heating and A/C repair company, but I still have the same benefits like medical and dental insurance, retirement and savings accounts, and paid time off. I spent an entire week figuring out all of the math and I still save currency with the current job, although I do not make as much currency per hour. I also know there is more room to grow with this Heating and A/C repair company, however even though the company is a bit smaller, strenuous labor is recognized really abruptly and the owner has already expressed his desire to keep myself and others there for a long time.

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