Getting energy from marijuana

While most cannabis clients tightdown their choices by indica, sativa and hybrid, these categories aren’t accurate, those terms absolutely refer to the origins of the plant and aren’t a great indication of the effects, but checking the percentages of THC and CBD provides a better idea of the psychoactive and curative properties of the strain.

  • The cannabinoid profile indicates whether the cannabis is better for relaxing, energizing, de-stressing, getting motivated or helping with a great night’s sleep, and another factor that directly influences the enjoyment, experience and effects of odd strains is the terpenes.

There are over 200 odd types of cannabis terpenoids. They are responsible for that distinctive odor. They also are the source of the flavor and evidence suggests that they play a area in the overall effects! My Las Vegas cannabis dispensary offers a beautiful selection of cannabis products and consumption methods. They carry a wide variety of flower with some really amazing terpenes, however before buying, I always give the bud a great sniff. A strong, pungent odor indicates higher quality; Plus, I can usually tell if I’m going to like a strain by its odor, but i am not a fan of the “skunky” odor, and while this doesn’t necessarily mean exhausting weed, it is a sign of a high concentration of myrcene. My favorite terpene is Limonene, which offers a bright, citrus and berry flavor and aroma. apple Ozz, Lemon Haze and Orange strawberry are a few of the strains that offer a sweet and fruity flavor profile. I am also a fan of high levels of humulene and pinene, which both have an earthy, woody odor, and green Crack and Northern Lights are strains that are high in humulene and pinene.

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