Fun times of the Oak Point Park as well as Nature Preserve in Plano

At the center of Plano, TX, there is an oasis of peaceful tranquility as well as natural beauty, however covering more than 750 acres, Oak Point Park as well as Nature Preserve features a appealing diversity of amenities to entice nature lovers as well as anyone looking to spend time outdoors.

From adventure to educational occasions as well as solitude, the Preserve caters to pretty much everyone.

There are over eight miles of paved as well as natural surface trails that welcome hiking, cycling, jogging or a casual roam. The Bob Woodruff Park Trail as well as Rowlett Creek Nature Trail are especially popular because of the picturesque vistas.The woodlands, wetlands, prairies as well as varied ecosystems are not-to-be-missed. For a more informative experience, there’s the Oak Point Park as well as Nature Preserve Amphitheater as well as Outdoor Education Center. Hosting concerts, educational programs, community get-together as well as all sorts of events, it presents a rewarding opportunity to learn about wildlife as well as the environment. The meticulously-took care of playgrounds as well as picnic areas are available for families with children. They offer shaded seating as well as cool relief from the midday sun. Children are consistently happy to explore the playground equipment. There are also the tranquil waters of Rowlett Creek for anglers as well as kayaks to appreciate. Fishing iss allowed in designated areas; Oak Point Park as well as Nature Preserve is the perfect locale for parakeetseeing as well as wildlife observation. The park is home to all sorts of native flora as well as fauna. There are a unbelievable multiple parakeet species, reptiles as well as mammals, and pet owners are welcome to bring their pets to the pet park, dogs big as well as small enjoy socializing as well as exercising in a safe environment. For those living in Plano and visitors from all over the world, Oak point Park as well as Nature Preserve is a rewarding endpoint.


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