From the highway, I could see the skyline and the whole city

There are some perks to being stuck in traffic.

I was stuck in traffic on Thursday and I had to sit on the Interstate for 4 hours.

There was an accident and all of that traffic had to be cleaned up before we could go anywhere. I had a really nice view of Beverly Hills from the area where I was sitting in the car. I could see all of Hollywood Hills and most of Beverly Hills. It was packed with people. I thought about going into Beverly Hills for a little while but I was ready to be home for the day. When I got home, I started thinking about the traffic. I was supposed to go back into the city to go to a marijuana dispensary with friends. I decided not to go to the marijuana dispensary. I ordered for delivery instead. The marijuana dispensary in Beverly Hills brought me everything that I ordered. I bought a half ounce of marijuana flower and a couple of different concentrates. It took about 45 minutes for the delivery driver to arrive, but I didn’t mind waiting. After seeing more details of the accident on the news, I was happy that I decided to stay put and not go back out to visit the marijuana dispensary. The city is filling up with more and more people every day. There aren’t a lot of places for folks to live and now the roads are bombarded with cars. The more people that move into the area, the harder it’s going to be to go from one place to the next without constantly having to sit in traffic for an extra 45 minutes.

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