Found out about hydronic heating for the first time

I hadn’t used the power of my boiler properly until this year.

For years I owned a boiler system in my basement.

I just let it heat and the heat would rise up through a grate in my floor. It was a decent heater, but I wasn’t totally impressed. I read online that you should get regular heating service. So I called a Minneapolis, MN heating business to ask about service. When the guy came to my house he informed me that boilers are tanks of systems. They don’t need regular service like a furnace or fireplace. What they do need is to be able to properly heat. The guy was digested by the great in the floor method. He told me I could have the boiler hooked to baseboards or radiators. I could even redo my flooring and have piping put underneath it. The boiler would heat water that would flow through the piping. That would create even, clean, and efficient heat. Thankfully I was redoing my flooring this year. So I took the guy’s advice. I ripped up the floors and called the Minneapolis heating dealer to come over to my house. The guys added the piping on top of the cement board and then I put new tile floors overtop of it. I now rely on hydronic heating in the winter. There are no hot and cold spots. No heat rising to the ceiling. No operational sounds or poor indoor air quality. Since the heat stays at my feet, I can lower the temperature on my thermostat and save some money too.

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