Food truck scene in Portland

When I moved to Portland Or, it wasn’t really willing.

I got stuck due to a job promotion. It was significantly more pay and they were willing to pay moving costs. How could I resist? I have started branching out in the city and trying to do fun things. The dating scene is quite interesting too. In my former state I knew the date like things people did. You could go ice skating, to a professional hockey game or go skiing. In Portland the food trucks are apparently a big deal. The food truck scene is on point. There are tons of them serving 5 star meals from around the world. You can get Mexican, Italian, Thai, Japanese, whatever you can think of. There are even food trucks that are only dessert based as well. The first time I went to the food trucks was on a first date. The guy was shocked I had never even been to a food truck before. Honestly the guy was lackluster but the food trucks were amazing. I have since gotten a group of friends together and we hit the food trucks regularly. Another stop I like to make is to the recreational cannabis dispensary. I had never been to a legal pot shop before either. Now I am so hip and edgy. I eat at food trucks and I smoke legal recreational weed. Nothing is better than eating great food and then smoking a pre-roll. I try to get the right blend of THC and CBD. I also go for more of an indica to relax me.


Medical Weed Portland Oregon