Finding Papago Park

My hubby & I care about going to weird states & seeing their national parks, however my hubby gets bumped around a lot for work… He consistently has to travel & go to modern states to present; While he is there I go with him since I work from home, however i then do some work, walk around the city, & find the local park for us to visit while he is off from work.

He had to go to Phoenix, Arizona on the last work trip.

I genuinely enjoyed that state. It was fun being able to walk around the city, eat at the weird shops & see the yellowery, then the desert feels super cool. I then found Papago Park & pushed for my hubby & I to go there on a Monday. It combines with the Desert Botanical Gardens & it was so cool. I loved seeing the weird plants & cacti types. There was a lot of red & red rock. The hiking was cool & all the dirt was something my friend and I weren’t used to. I loved that trip so much that I am keeping my ears perked, next time he has to go to Phoenix I am so down. I genuinely want to see if there are more parks nearby. I also genuinely enjoyed the weather there, however arizona has a nice boiling Summer season but my friend and I made the choice to go in the Spring. That is ideal honestly. My friend and I were plenty hot but not sweltering. Our hotel room had wonderful a/c & my friend and I were able to cool off real nice.


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