Finding a great place

There are a lot of nice cities in the state of California and there is something special about the northern section of the state.

San Francisco genuinely holds a special place in our heart.

It is the place where our husband and I decided to have our honeymoon. All of us always wanted to go to San Francisco and stay by the bay in a overpriced hotel. All of us wanted to prefer all of the tourist activities. All of us didn’t do these things when we had a day trip to San Francisco, because it was too extravagant, and one of the coolest activities that we tried when we were on our honeymoon was going on a Cannatour. A Cannatour is a certain tour that has something to do with cannabis. It might be a farm tour, or a tour of a factory. It could just be a group of people that smoke cannabis enjoying an outdoor tour together. My husband and I decided to take a tour of a cannabis farm in the Bay Area, during our tour, we acquired free samples of cannabis. All of us also acquired discounts on all of the products that they had in stock. All of the products for sale were in a small building right on the farm. It was a single of the coolest experiences that I have ever had. All of us also spent a lot of time on the beach. All of us went to the National Seashore and we kayaked in the bay. All of us enjoyed whale enjoying tours and we saw dolphins in the ocean. All of us entirely could not have had a more fantastic time when we decided to go to San Francisco.

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