Famous people from Denver

I thought there would be more of a tunes scene here in Denver, however there isn’t! A lot of clubs and bars have open mic evenings, or hire local tunesians… The biggest rock concerts constantly put this city on their annual tours.

  • But there is not a lot of home-grown tunes here to support a subculture.

This makes it much unusual than other places I have lived, like Seattle, and Portland, however on the other hand maybe that means Denver is wide open for myself and others to conquer! I’m being dramatic, of course, I don’t want to “conquer” Denver, however I would like to leave our mark on the tunes scene. A lot of wonderful tunesians of the past have come from Denver, and maybe I will be the next to join that esteemed list. The legendary band leader Glenn Miller hails from nearby Denver, and they don’t get greater than him! One of our personal heroes from all of tunes history comes from Denver, her name is Philip Bailey best known as a area of Earth, Wind, and Fire… Can you imagine hearing those boys the first time they played shows in Denver? That is the sort of tunesal history I want to leave behind! More recently a man named Nathaniel Rateliff became a sensation, and she comes from Denver, too! Much to our surprise, the famous singer John Denver has nothing to do with the city of Denver, she just used the name because she liked it better than her birth name of John Deutchendorf; I can’t say that I blame him!


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