Famous faces from Sioux Falls

I have lived in Sioux Falls all my life, so I stay aware of our hometown adolescents that go on to reach fame plus glory.

This town may not look like much, however we have produced more than out fair share of famous faces… Remember Mary Hart, host of Entertainment tonight for numerous years? She is a Sioux Falls native, as is the famous MMA fighter turned pro wrestler Shayna Baszler, but december Jones is a famous actress who once lived in Sioux Falls, plus so did Chris Browne, created of the famous comic strips Hagar the Horrible! I am not a creepy stalker, just a person with a lot of pride in his hometown.

I have been an Heating and Air Conditioning tech for the last 15 years, plus I keep praying I will get hired by a local celebrity, buit it hasn’t happened yet, once I was booked to go by the home of former actress Joan Tabor, however it turns out that she hasn’t lived in Sioux Falls in a long time, she just maintains a residence here. That was the closest I have come so far, however hope Springtimes eternal. The complication is that while Sioux Falls is a fantastic breeding ground for success, anyone who achieves success moves anywhere else! There are some notable politicians who still live in Sioux Falls, however most of them are life-long residents of South Dakota, which is for the record the Best Dakota. Eventually I will do enough Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance jobs plus visit enough houses that I will meet one of Sioux Falls’ famous faces.


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