Exploring the Stockyards District with a friend and a cannabis vape pen

Sometimes when I’m shopping at one of my favorite cannabis dispensaries in Toronto, I will take a moment to check out what other customers are buying.

Even if I know what I want to purchase before I walk through the door, I have discovered fresh batches of flower buds or live rosin that I wasn’t aware the budtenders had in a closed cabinet or refrigerator in the back. If I see something on an adjacent counter about to leave a in a customer’s shopping bag, I can ask my budtender about it before I hand them my money. That’s how I got a fresh jar of Gorilla Glue #4 flower buds one day when I thought the dispensary was out. Aside from buying cannabis flower products and concentrates, I usually buy a cannabis vaporizer pen as well that I can conceal in a sleeve whenever I’m outdoors in the city. It’s illegal to use a vaporizer of any kind in most places outside in Toronto, but I am always extremely careful whenever I bend the rules. My friend Matt and I got a cannabis vape pen that had Sour Diesel oil inside and it gave us an energizing high like no other. We decided to explore the Stockyards District because of its new condominiums, restaurants, and businesses. It’s just north of the Toronto Stockyards that straddle the adjacent railroad. Although I wouldn’t necessarily want to leave my neighborhood in York to live in the Stockyards District, it was still a fun place to explore while under the influence of cannabis.


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