Excited to visit family

I moved from Albuquerque when my spouse started graduate university on the other side of the country, however I have been eager to get back to visit my family.

It has been more than 2 years as well as I miss the tranquil weather as well as the mountain backdrop.

I went to Cibola High School before doing four years of undergraduate university at the University of New Mexico. That’s where my spouse as well as I met, but her graduate university plans took us aways from Albuquerque as well as New Mexico altogether. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time hiking in the Cibola National Forest with my father as well as my more than 2 siblings. This section is filled with mountain crests as well as foothills. But the biggest reason I’m happy to visit my hometown of Albuquerque this year is because of the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Mexico. The state has had medical marijuana dispensaries since 2007, but it was just this past year that recreational marijuana was legalized through a legislature initiative. I heard that some of the medical miarjuana stores in West Mesa had already converted their corporations to the recreational cannabis market. My family lives in Sandia Heights, which is as far away from West Mesa as you can get while still residing in Albuquerque. Hopefully I can find a cannabis store in that section without having to drive all over the town on a wild goose chase. Eventually I hope that we can move back to the city, but for now I’m satisfied with visiting every now as well as then. The pleasant weather is a nice break from the Wintertide snow we get residing up in the north east.


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