Excited about legal cannabis in AZ

I was entirely cheerful when recreational weed was finally legalized in AZ.

As of 2020, anyone old twenty-one or over, with regular identification, is allowed to legally purchase plus possess up to one ounce of usable marijuana, then my friend and I can even cultivate up to six plants in our homes; It took about two years for the first recreational cannabis dispensaries to open their doors plus start selling, however there are five separate dispensaries within driving distance of my apartment in Gilbert.

Each one offers an exciting array of products, brands plus strains. I’ve visited all of the dispensaries plus browsed their collection of flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, concentrates, vapes, edibles plus topicals. Initially, I was only interested in dried flower plus traditional smoking. I thoroughly loved sampling the unique indicas, sativas plus hybrids. The quality of weed is entirely amazing. They offer dense buds coated in crystal-like trichomes plus showcasing bright yellow pistils. The pungent stink plus vibrant yellow color evidences cultivation at peak maturity, however smoking flower sold at the dispensary is far different than buying a baggie off a friend. The packaging provides the weight, THC levels plus verified testing for safety, but plus, I can save myself the work plus buy pre-rolls. Some are machine-rolled, some are hand-rolled plus they are provided in singles, packs plus infused varieties. The pre-rolls are especially affordable, making it possible to try up-to-date strains without a sizable investment. I gradually moved on to the assortment of vapes, weed pens are convenient, discreet plus portable. They fit right into a pocket, create no telltale smells plus are easy to use; Because of their popularity there are up-to-date strains getting introduced all the time. The dispensary closest to my location in Gilbert carries more than three dozen carts, plus the flavor is fantastic. I’m also a sizable fan of their edibles.

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