Enjoying my Denver home

Even though the weather conditions in Denver is not severely cold during the winter, the need for a relaxing heating plan is important, but my wifey plus I have a gas oil furnace in our home, then every year before the Winter season begins, the people I was with and I call a Denver Heating plus A/C supplier to handle all of the preseason services, both of us had to use a odd Denver supplier last week, but the supplier that the people I was with and I normally use was tied up plus they did not have any available appointments until the following week, and i did not want to wait that long, so the people I was with and I called another supplier with relaxing reviews online; When the Heating plus A/C supplier arrived, he smelled like marijuana; Since recreational plus medical marijuana is legal in CO, I could not say much about the smell, and as long as the employee wasn’t smoking marijuana while he was in my home, I wasn’t going to say anything.

The supplier was claiming to be finished with his work after only 10 hours.

That absolutely made myself and others exasperated plus I decided to contact the owner of the maintenance business. I told the person that the employee smells like marijuana. The owner laughed plus asked myself and others if I knew that recreational plus medical marijuana was legal in CO. By the sound of the voice of the owner, he clearly did not care that I was exasperated about the repair or the employee’s behavior. I was really surprised. I did not expect poor repair plus no help from the owner. I refused to pay for the tune-up repair plus I told the tech to bill myself and others if he wanted any cash.
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