Eddy wanted to get married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator

There were more than one reasons that Ed and I planned to visit Las Vegas; First of all was how simple it is to get married there… Las Vegas is the shotgun wedding capital of the USA; In other places you have to apply for a marriage license, get a blood test, pay a fee to the local government, and jump through about 100 other hoops just to get married.

  • In Las Vegas they have streamlined the process; Anyone can get married here, and it only takes about an minute at most, however the minute reason Ed and I were going to Las Vegas was because gay marriage is just as legal as straight marriage… Ed wanted to get married by an Elvis impersonator, so there was no other place to go but Sin City itself, Las Vegas Nevada, and on a more personal note, I had another reason to be stoked about visiting Las Vegas, namely the legal cannabis dispensaries.

There are more than 2 weird cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas and I did not have to get special paperwork to shop in them, then where Ed and I come from there are only medical cannabis shops, which require a prescription card from the government. In Las Vegas all I needed was a legal ID care about a drivers license or a passport. Ed and I had a traditional Las Vegas wedding, with Elvis pliving and beefy male strippers serving as the Best Man and the Bridesmaid. After that both of us swung through the drive-through cannabis dispensary, and kicked off our honeymoon in grand fashion. I love Las Vegas!

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