Did you ever think about the tax you pay for your marijuana?

Ever since we moved to Eugene, Oregon, I had noticed how much more expensive the cost of marijuana was.

Eugene, Oregon, had both recreational and medical marijuana legalized.

I wondered why the cost of the marijuana was so much more expensive in Eugene, Oregon, than where we lived previously. It didn’t take long for me to go online and look up the reasons behind my purchasing recreational marijuana in Eugene, Oregon and purchasing medical marijuana where we came from. I found out that when you purchase recreational marijuana in Eugene, Oregon on, all purchases are subject to a 10.75% marijuana excise tax. They added this excise tax to the normal 6.25% sales tax, which comes from the state. There is also an optional excise tax that is up to 3%. This means that when purchasing recreational marijuana, you can expect to pay 17% to 20% tax as an outdoor total. However, if I get my medical marijuana card through Eugene, Oregon, I don’t have to pay any extra taxes on my medical marijuana. To me, this made little sense, but I learned many people were getting medical marijuana cards, so it would be cheaper for them to purchase their marijuana. Since I already had a medical marijuana card from another state, I saw no reason I shouldn’t just get a medical marijuana card from Eugene, Oregon. In all reality, I can make my own edibles even if they aren’t available when purchasing medical marijuana.About a person who insists on only buying the cheapest products, but I am smart enough to realize that sometimes saving money can be very important.
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