Denver set an example for the nation on cannabis

Twenty years ago, Denver was a truly weird place than it is today. It was amazing, don’t get myself and others wrong, but it easily goes to show what can happen if a town keeps working hard to improve itself. In 2 decades Denver has cultivated a sense of culture and identity it never had before, something that goes beyond the reputations of successful athletic activitys franchises. I came to the mile high town to beginning a family, not to beginning a cannabis dispensary, but life is funny occasionally, and you don’t end up where you thought you would, then being in Denver during this time stage put myself and others at ground zero for a single of the most revolutionary swings in American history, with the legalization of medical mariojuana, and what the state of Colorado, and the City of Denver did that was so important to the movement was to set a positive example, then the cannabis dispensaries in Denver were so successful, and so professional, that it made a lot of other people, and other state governments, realize this was something to be embraced. Denver was smart enough to open these cannabis shops and take a healthy percentage of the profits in fees and taxes, and this extra money lowered the tax burden on everyone! Denver proved that these dispensaries could generate a lot of update for the community, and that there was no subsequent spike in crime rates. When people said that cannabis dispensaries would increase other types of crime, now they could be refuted by the data that was gathered in around dispensaries in Denver.

Marijuana Dispensary Denver CO