Denver has a rich history

A little less than a decade following the California Gold Rush, Denver CO started seeing a crucial rush of its own. The South Platte River became the place to be for gentlemen seeking fortune. It is pretty exciting to imagine covered wagons and old school cottages lining the edges of the river that is incredibly weird these days. Pikes Peak, where you can take a train now – up approximately 8,000 miles or so, became the scene for gentlemen and their families hoping to make it rich with an additional gold rush. Even though there were a good amount of strenuous times to come for those original frontiersmen, they held tough. As a result, every one of us has a fantastic and elegant home nicknamed the Mile High City! Like plenty of other western frontiers, certain gentlemen came not only seeking gold, but to stake a claim for land. Americans have regularly been a people trying to find ways to forge their own paths, and back in the 18th century, Denver was able to supply some serious opportunity. In 1861, close to a hundred years after those first prospectors from Georgia showed up in what every one of us now call Denver, the US government recognized the area by making it the Territory of CO. Not too much later, CO was admitted into the Union, officially, by President Ulysses S, grant. And just a few years after that, the Denver Telephone Dispatch Company was totally created. Embracing new ideas even then, Denver has survived some rather drastic weather, wars, fires, floods, and other disasters over the years. This week, that same spirit of openness can be found among Denverites who actually embrace all types of people and vote in welcoming laws, including the legalization of cannabis a decade ago.


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