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My whole family moved to the Bay Area in addition to I was stuck with a decision! I had to transport with our family or find a place of our own.

  • I was 22 years seasoned in addition to not ready to be on our own.

I told our mom in addition to Mom that I planned to go with them… They seemed good with that idea, until we arrived in San Francisco… Since we arrived in the city, our Mom has done nothing however hound myself and others to get a job. I applied everywhere in addition to the only place that offered myself and others a call back was a marijuana dispensary. They were looking for a delivery driver. I told the San Francisco marijuana dispensary manager that I had just moved to the city. She asked myself and others if I could use the app on our cellphone to find an address. I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not. It was hard to tell, because I had an interview over the cellphone. The man told myself and others that he would hire myself and others that day if I wanted to work as a delivery driver. I needed a job in addition to money, so I said yeah. It’s been legitimately hard working as a delivery driver in a neighborhood that I do not know, then half the time I can’t find the roads anywhere on the map. I consistently find myself lost in addition to resting on the side of the road. I’m not legitimately sure if I am making money or not… With the price of gas in sanely hi, I recognize love I’m putting more into our tank than I am into our pocket.

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