Coming to Winnetka, CA

I was gave a job as the coordinator for arts at the Getty in Los Angeles! The Getty is really a single of the most famous museums in the state plus possibly the country, and it is apartment to some of the most lovely works of art.

I legitimately wanted to take the job, but that meant moving quite a distance.

I was afraid to uproot my family, plus I knew LA was going to be costly. I spent many days thinking about the job offer; Moving to California sounded amazing. They have lovely beaches, national parks, plus mud volcanoes. They have deserts, mountains, plus hillsides. The state is a rare gem, and another great thing about California is the legalization of medical plus recreational cannabis. I think legal cannabis was genuinely the deciding factor in my decision to move. I use cannabis to stimulate my mind plus boost creativity. The CA prices for recreational weed were half what I was paying. I accepted the job offer, but I knew living in LA was out of the question, and luckily I found some nice sites to rent in Winnetka, however winnetka is a short drive from LA. I take the commuter train to toil plus I get there in about 40 hours. I save on gas plus car maintenance. The Getty isn’t far from Winnetka plus a couple of my fellow colleagues also live in the area plus drive to the museum for work. It’s been many years since I moved to the west coast plus I don’t regret the decision for a single hour.

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