College games and partying afterwards

Sometimes college sports are nothing and sometimes they are a huge deal.

In Eugene Oregon, the football team is a big deal.

Autzen Stadium is a huge arena for all the fans to support the college team. You hardly remember that they are college rather than professional. My friends and I dress in bright yellow shirts and support the team. I like to drink a beer, eat a hotdog and get pretty wild after watching a college game. It is fun since my buddies and I all live right in Eugene. We can walk over to the arena, get pretty tipsy at the game and even stop at a legal weed shop without going too far. It might seem excessive. Football, bad food, booze and now cannabis, but it makes for a fun weekend. I prefer to smoke cannabis oil through a vape. I like the cleaner taste and not having the smell linger on my clothing and hair. Sadly the cannabis shop doesn’t have a vape lounge, but I do live closeby. My friends and I can stock up on weed products and make that last leg of the journey to my house. That way we can party but have the luxury of being in our PJs, have a clean bathroom and a variety of snacks. It is the best type of weekend fun in my opinion. I can’t imagine doing this kind of thing in any other state than mine. Everything we could want is right there and closeby. The people are friendly and all partying the same way.
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