Choosing a ductless system for an addition

My husband and I relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, right after graduating from college.

  • We’d found some really exciting job opportunities in the area.

However, we were struggling to pay of college loans, car payments, insurance and all sorts of expenses. While we were unwilling to waste money on rent, we couldn’t afford much. We spent several months touring houses in all different neighborhoods throughout Minneapolis. We checked Summit Hill and Lowry Hill but couldn’t afford any of the properties available. Jut when we were about to give up, we found a very small home in Linden Hills. With two bedrooms and one bathroom, the house was just big enough for a newly married couple. We were delighted by the size of the property and low mortgage rate. The house was in need of some major updates. However, such a small roof, tiny kitchen and so few of windows made the renovations feasible. Five years later, we’d added three children, a dog and a cat and were rather crowded in the house. Because of promotions at work and paying off our loans, we could finally afford a sizeable addition. Due to the weather Minneapolis, heating and cooling needed to be carefully considered. There was no way our current furnace and air conditioner could handle the additional square footage. We really didn’t like the idea of sacrificing space and money to installing ductwork. The ideal solution turned out to be a ductless system. We have a single outdoor air compressor that links to air handlers mounted in each room of the addition. The air handlers are lightweight, streamlined and operate quietly. They offer both heating and cooling capacity and allow zoned control.



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