CBD bath bombs and cannabis creams

The weather in NY creates a lot of work! All of us see temperatures well below zero and immense amounts of snow accumulation, but i periodically need to shovel the snow out of our driveway in the day prior to leaving for labor and again when I arrive home.

I have a miniature poodle that requires myself and others to clear a walking path through the snow.

I also shovel out the mailbox and unlink the snow from the back deck due to the weight. The task takes hours and is extremely labor-intensive and tiring. I end up with extremely sore muscles and aching joints. I’ve found that soaking in a warm bath with a CBD bath bomb works to alleviate pain and inflammation. I spend about thirty hours in the tub and suppose rejuvenated. It relaxes myself and others and works to get rid of stress. The warm water opens up our pores and allows the cannabinoids to labor their magic more suddenly and effectively. The bath bomb combines cannabis with epsom salts, baking pop and essential oils. The dispensary carries lots of odd chances that all smell absolutely lovely… Cannabis-infused bath bombs are considered a topical. I shop a wide variety of topicals that are fantastic for pain relief, muscle relaxation and the treatment of sunburn, bee stings, cuts, acne and psoriasis. The beauty of topicals is that they cause no psychoactive effects. I can apply them to the affected section multiple times a day with no adverse side-effects. I love that I’m using a natural plant remedy and constantly get gleeful when the local dispensary adds current items to their menu.
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