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The Memory Of Her Humming In The Balcony

I grew up living in an old house facing the shoreline that stood since 1902, my dad bought it from an old couple back in 1990 and we totally loved it. My father is a beach person, and he runs a business of bangkas or much known in English language as outrigger canoes. Taking the tourists from mainland Davao to Samal island. It was a beach house with 3 bedrooms and a wide living room. The furnitures were all antiquated, matching  interior. From…

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The warm ghost in the cinema. Try your best to die happy

  About 10 years ago, I was an intern at a local indie film production that gives you the opportunity to travel locally, meet different people and party! I enjoyed the exposure of being part of the movie industry even though it has been just a small time thing. Nonetheless, it was unexpected that I would plunge myself into an eerie joke as well. Each time I think back about that experience it fascinates me, yet it throws me into…

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